Colour Consultations

Love To Wear Colour But Don't Know Which Look Good On You...

It’s amazing to see the difference the right colours can make. Wearing the colours which best suit you will make you look younger, healthier and more confident. You can also expect more compliments too which really helps to boost your confidence further.

Our Colour Consultations take about 2 hours and are fun and enjoyable. There are 4 types or seasons – Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn which reflect whether you suit cool / warm, light / dark or bright / muted colours. Also as part of the assessment you will receive information about what colour your hair, jewellery and other accessories should be to complete your look as well as other tips about what to do with your existing clothes.You will need to remove your make up before the session and avoid wearing high neck tops.

As a result of the Colour consultations people find they don’t waste money buying “mistakes”. Instead with the swatch of colours which you will receive as part of the assessment you will get into the habit of buying clothes in the colours that suit you, which will match each other. This will give you a wardrobe that coordinates so that you can put together an outfit easily, saving you time, money and energy in the long run.

We can also also offer you help and advice on styles that suit you, shopping or sorting out your wardrobe.

So what are you waiting for - if you want to look and feel your best, contact us now...

Confidently you is an Image Consultancy near Basingstoke, Hampshire, conveniently placed for Reading, Fleet, Newbury and Winchester. We offer personalised colour analysis consultations for women.


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This has helped my confidence and I now get more compliments about "looking well" when all I've changed is my colours."

Anna, Beauty Therapist

"Katie spent time and care talking to me about colour, understanding my own perspective on clothes and the colours that I like to wear. She then spent a lot of time demonstrating how different colours either enhance or deplete my own colouring (skin, eyes and hair). It was a thoroughly relaxing, uplifting and inspiring experience. Afterwards I felt liberated and at peace with myself." 

Jane, Nutritionist

"I especially liked the personal touch! I felt you had a real enthusiasm and genuine interest in getting it right for me." 

Heather, Practice Nurse

"Having low self-esteem and a change in body image following chemotherapy and major surgery for ovarian cancer, the colour analysis gave me confidence to take an interest in my appearance again and to feel good about myself. As my existing wardrobe co-ordinates better I now buy less clothes and spend less time wondering what to wear so it’s less stressful !"

Carolyn, Ex Nurse & Mother