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It is lovely to be back blogging again, as it has been a while…and there has never been a better time to be working with and supporting women.  As a woman we have so many roles to fulfil which can be very challenging at times. So there is often very little time for ourselves, let alone thinking about what clothes to wear especially when it seems, from recent media news, that we have other battles on our hands !! I felt very moved and inspired being at the Women’s march in London recently, so felt I had to mention it. It was so good to see so many confident women, including an 11 year old girl, proudly holding her banner up high with much vigour. The energy on the march was very pink – warm, friendly and supportive. I felt proud to be a woman standing up for, as one banner said  ”womens rights are human rights”.

So where does my business fit in…?? Well ConfidentlyYou is all about helping women to understand what styles and colours suit their body shape by giving guidelines to follow so that dressing and choosing outfits becomes more simple, less time consuming and certainly less stressful… allowing women time and energy to focus on the really important things in their lives… Hopefully my new website makes my services clearer, as I have been revamping it recently.  It is now more visual and easier to navigate, so I hope you like it and enjoy reading my regular blogs.
Also having just celebrated the Chinese New Year of the rooster with a lovely new moon meditation, in a Facebook group – 28 Mindful days to happiness…I’m now feeling more energised and excited about this year and growing my business…

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Happily we are also now well past the middle of winter and spring is just round the corner…I love the clear bright spring colours that the tulip, crocus, daffodils and other spring flowers bring to our gardens and vases…which are usually mirrored in the shops…these flowers,  effectively reinvent themselves each year and are an encouragement for us to do the same. Bringing some freshness to our wardrobes by removing the clothes we haven’t worn and adding a few new outfits or accessories each season helps us to stay current. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending large amounts of money you may not have. There are lots of ways to get new clothes cheaply, via online, eBay, from charity shops, friends or by coming to one of my clothes swap parties… details are on my website.

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