Personal Shopping

Too busy, no time to shop and no idea what to buy...

Why not consider our personal shopping service - we can accompany you shopping for clothes for a special event, work outfits or maybe a new wardrobe if you have lost weight. We will tailor the shopping trip to your tastes and budget and help find you outfits that suit your figure and colouring. It will be a fun and enjoyable experience and you will feel more confident about how you look.

We will discuss beforehand what your desired outcome is from the trip, your budget and any preferences you have. On the personal shopping trip itself at your preferred location we will offer top tips and make suggestions ensuring you buy clothes that really suit you, helping you to look and feel great. This will save you money in the long term as you are more likely to wear the clothes you buy ! This is a great opportunity to find that special outfit for events such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.

It is also really helpful if you have had a Colour and Style consultation as you can bring along your colour swatch and style guidelines and have the added bonus of an extra pair of eyes looking out for some great outfits for you.  

ConfidentlyYou is an Image Consultancy near Basingstoke, Hampshire, conveniently located for Reading, Fleet, Newbury and Winchester. We offer wardrobe makeovers, style ideas and help organising clothes to improve confidence about choosing outfits.


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Katie was a great help with my personal shopping - from my colour consultation we discovered that orange was a great colour for me, and since then I have actively
sought out orange garments. Katie advised me on a dress purchase and helped me feel more confident about my style. Katie was very relaxed and friendly and has a
very creative approach, and was so enthusiastic about clothing and style. Thank you so much Katie! I'll be back!

Heather, Practice Nurse

"Katie was great fun to shop with and picked out some great choices I wouldn't have given a second glance to but are now among my favourite clothes.  It really helps to shop with someone who knows colour and style so well.  I thoroughly recommend her. "

Sam, GP