Style Consultations

Fashions come and Fashions go but... Style is timeless.

With  Confidentlyyou  Style Consultations you'll ultimately be equipped with first class style guidelines that are lasting. Not only will you be brimming with confidence, safe in the knowledge that what you have chosen to wear is totally in line with your body shape and proportions and looks great, you'll also find clothes shopping so much easier as you'll know what clothes to look for and avoid, saving you both time and money.

Your choice of clothes and style matters as how you dress can make a big difference to how you look and feel about yourself and how others perceive you. People make judgements about us all the time, subconsciously. Our clothes are an extension of our self and lifestyle and reveal both our individuality and status and that can help or indeed, hinder rapport building. You may want to think about whether you are projecting the image you want or what your clothes say about you. If you need to make an impact daily are you dressing consistently and congruently and in line with how you want to come across ?  

The good news is that some simple tips can really make a huge difference to improving your look and thereby your confidence. Let's face it, no one has a perfect body and most women at some time or other will have uttered “if only I had a big bust / small bust / was taller / shorter / more curvy / thinner / looked like my friend / sister / or a celebrity"  etc.  However... it’s not about your size but about the fit and finding out which styles suit you best. Your clothes should ideally enhance your good features and disguise the more "difficult" areas. 


During a style session we will do an in depth analysis of your body and face looking at your bodyline, proportions, shape and scale. We will also consider your lifestyle, personality and clothing needs. Then with the aim of creating balance, you will then receive advice about suitable flattering styles, fabrics and patterns for your body shape as well as your other accessories. You will complete a fun style personality questionnaire and will also receive a report sent to you within a couple of days detailing all the information given during the session.    

This assessment which is tailored to your needs will be sensitive to your body issues, confidential and you won’t have to prance around half naked or have embarrassing measurements taken. You will learn how to make clothes work for you and it is amazing how small changes can make a big difference to how a person looks and feels. By taking on board what you learn during our session you will begin to develop your own individual look and will even gradually come to accept your body and believe you really can look good. You will also no longer use the “if only” phrase ! 
You will also save money as you buy good quality clothing  that lasts longer and gets worn more often because it looks good on you and goes with your coordinated wardrobe. 
We can also also offer you help and advice on colours that suit youshopping or sorting out your wardrobe.

So what are you waiting for - if you want to look and feel your best, contact us now...

Confidently you is an Image Consultancy near Basingstoke, Hampshire, conveniently placed for Reading, Fleet, Newbury and Winchester. We offer personalised colour analysis consultations for women.

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Having had both a style and colour analysis sessions with Katie I am happy to recommend her services to everyone. Like all of us, I always knew that some of my clothes looked better on than others but it was not until I met Katie that I fully understood why....I now get tremendous pleasure just opening the wardrobe doors to see a range of tops, trousers, skirts and dresses that all obviously go together and when I am out I know I look great!  Shopping is now very easy too. I am far more fussy and think before I buy.  Thank you Katie, you are a star!

Jenny, Trainer

I enjoyed the session, you made me feel very welcome, and gave me the confidence that I was on the right track. In particular, for me I found what a difference the choice of fabrics made - this is not something I had thought of before. I have always struggled with skirt length and shape but now I can see what works.

Pam, Hairdresser

"I was very impressed with Katie's knowledge, professionalism and friendliness...I wish I did this a long time ago as it would've saved me lots of money and time. I highly recommend Katie James's service."

Elaine, Utilities Company